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Artist Statement

My work focuses on the human manipulation of landscape, reasons for this manipulation, and the resulting consequences. As an artist immersed within rural landscape, I often observe how humans alter the land and how these modifications, many times, have the fortuity of being sculptural, even beautiful. There is a kinetic beauty in clusters of wind turbines sweeping across a landscape that provide graceful and rhythmic movement. There is a sculptural elegance in the fingerprint pattern of agricultural terracing as it crawls across an Iowa field. While it is habit to view such alterations on a simply functional level, there is an aesthetic presence to them that is utterly captivating. I am easily caught up in the massive size and unintentional artistry of these constructs, but simultaneously I am concerned with how the Earth and humans living on it are ultimately affected by the existence of such objects. In an industrialized society the way humans interact with and alter natural landscapes promotes specific environmental and social changes. These changes are often driven by the desire to improve the human condition but are so often done without consideration of consequences.
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